Confessions of a Sock Yarn Junkie, part 1.

Well hello all you fiber enthusiasts out there!

This blog is mostly a knitting and fiber related blog chronicling my fiber journey, and so far that journey has taken me on more adventures then i could have ever imagined.


I’m your host, Sarah, and you can find me on:

Ravelry as sarahstevens

or on my Ravelry group Oh! Loops

or my podcast on  YouTube

you can find Oh! Loops  yarn on ETSY until January 2016, then were moving over to a new platform HERE

Instagram/Periscope/Twitter as sarahstevens11

I’m half of the Oh! Loops team, knitting instructor, Indy yarn dyer, knitwear designer, podcaster, mom, wife, geeky girl at heart, fun loving dreamer with way too many day jobs, sock yarn junkie,  and prolific sock knitter.  That kinda gives you a picture of me, no?

I wanted to start a blog for a really long time – but I kept getting hung up on what I would call it.  Everything I thought of was already taken- until I actually took a step back.  I wear big black glasses, love Marvel and DC comics, and have more sock yarn in my stash then a small shop.  So with that, Geekly Ewe was born (yes, I do realize Geekly isn’t actually a word, but it’s too FaNtAbUlouS not to say, right?  Go on, you know you wanna embrace it too).

I knit socks.  A lot of socks.  I would bet to guess that most of the posts on here will be about socks, because- socks are my jam.  I don’t leave my house without a pair on the needles and tucked away in my purse.  They are my go-to commute/comfort knitting.  I always knit them toe-up and knit 65 rows for the foot and 65 rows for the leg and 25-30 rows for the cuff. it never changes.  For me, this is the PERFECT recipe for socks.

In fact, I just started a brand new pair this afternoon out of Unwind Yarn Company.


You can find Dana’s shop here: Unwind Yarn Company

I am more then thrilled with my newest purchase from Dana.  Its a skein of her Honeymoon Sock in the Trunkless Elephants colorway.  It is 430 yards of 100% superwash merino wool and I am LOVING it.

I honestly don’t know that I have ever loved a Mauve more then I love this one.  Honestly.  It makes my heart sing every time I come to the next fleck of green or gold that she has added.  I want a sweater in this- like yesterday.

I’m knitting these particular socks, like most socks, on my US size 0 (2.0mm) circular knitting needles from Hiya Hiya.  They are my favorites and I almost exclusively knit with Hiya Hiya needles.  (I wasn’t paid to say that, they are just that amazing)

Pattern- TBPS (to be published soonly)

So, my question to all of you is, what do you want to read about?  Comment below and let me know, this inquiring mind wants to know!

Until next time,

Happy knitting!!




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