Knitterly Such & Such


Do you see those sweet little hands holding that tiny leftover ball of yarn?  Those two things are on my top 10 favorite things list.  Do you have one of those?  I started a top 10 list when I was ten- because what else do you do when your ten.  My entire life after,  I have made lists.  List to check off,  lists to just keep, bucket lists, one day I will read lists…favorite things lists.

Most of these lists I write down.  However, some of them I get selfish with and just keep in my head,  Like my favorite things list….

My top ten is simple for me, and in no particular order.

  1. I love little feet and little hands.  Specifically my little’s little feet and hands.
  2. I love the smell of wet asphalt and freshly cut grass.  To me these are the freshest and cleanest smells, and bring an all over calming to my soul.
  3. Sock yarn and hand knit socks.  All colors and fibers.  Oh the possibilities!
  4. Little balls of leftover yarn.  When I see these sweet little packages of leftover fiber, I know a maker was busy making, and to me- that’s magical.
  5. The smell of men’s cologne.  Specifically my husbands.  And Old Spice, because it reminds me of both my grandpa and my dad.
  6. Cooking my grandmothers old southern recipes that aren’t written down anywhere, but live inside my head from the many, many times I helped her in the kitchen.  Knowing that as my little’s stand beside me as we prep and prepare meals, these recipes will continue to live on for another generation.
  7. The feeling of my bare feet on the ground.  There is something about feeling connected to the earth I stand and dance on.
  8. Stories.  Memories of what used to be and might have been.  The good ones where the story teller gets that long lost gaze in their eyes as they are taken back in time to the very moment they are talking about.
  9. Dancing.  Twirling. Letting go so you feel the every beat of the music in the bones of your body.
  10. Community.  Being a part of something bigger then me.  Specifically, the knitting community.

That’s my list, and it’s perfectly mine.

This past week, I plunged myself into number three above and ended up with number four.  Bliss!!!


These socks.  I knit these absolutely fantastic socks in about 5 days, mostly because stripes are seriously addicting. These simple striped socks used a new to me Indy dyer, Knitterly Things.   You can find the shop HERE

I knit these out of their Vesper sock yarn in the Kiss Me Deadly colorway.  Vesper is 400 yards of 100% Superwash Merino Wool and jam packed with awesomeness.  I decided to do an afterthought heel as to not interrupt the striping and use some 2-ply High Twist from Oh! Loops in a semi solid gray.  I’m so happy I did because I think they turned out perfect!

I was so thrilled to have a little left over to knit a square for my Cozy Memories Blanket.  My blanket squares take about 10 grams, and I have more then enough to knit a square AND make a mini skein to give away.


I would love to hear about some of your favorite things.  I’ve started a post in the Ravelry Group if you would like to join along or maybe leave a quick comment here.

Until next time,

Happy knitting!


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