Makers and Making.

I have this amazingly colorful collection of sock yarn that is stored neatly in shelves on the main floor of my house.  I gaze at it everyday and on most evenings.  I find myself pulling out skeins and placing them on my desk or displaying them in different ways so that I can just look at them.  But, that’s what makers do, right?  We enjoy being surrounded by all our creative things, because they inspire us to keep on making.  Its this fantastic cycle that the non-makers in our lives just don’t understand.  But how could you understand something that isn’t ingrained into your very existence.  You can’t.  And that’s totally OK. Really really.

So the last few days I spent my free time doing just this- making.


I drank a new to me tea, wrote nine millions little lists and finished this beyond perfect green sock.  I am so utterly in love with this extra long giant green sock- and can’t wait to make the other so I can wear Jolly Green Giant socks on St. Patrick’s Day.

I used a double knit sock blank from my shop,  Oh! Loops , and my Knitpicks US 0 (2.0 mm) 24 inch circular knitting needle to make this sock of total awesomeness.

After sock knitting madness, I moved on to some major foot related Christmas gifts.

I managed to get a jump on the 7 pairs of Christmas house slippers Ive insanely decided to make, and knocked out one and a half pairs.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.

I used Cascade ECO Wool for the gray in both pairs- however I decided to add a random skein of some crayola type colors that I found in the deep stash.  Honestly, I’m not sure what it is, and that’s a bummer because its quite sweet.  And beyond perfect for the little boy who will be getting them.

I’m using the Simple House Slippers pattern by Simone A.  This sweet pattern is a free one on Simone’s blog and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  It is written for only one size, but I found that it was super easy to adapt to any size foot- child through adult.

So, after finishing these slippers, my making brought me back here-


back to pulling out random skeins of yarn to look at, and imagining what they will become.  Probably socks- but maybe not.  Maybe that awesome Burgundy one on the bottom right will become a shawl for next fall…..

What is your creative process?  Does it start with gathering all the beautiful or necessary supplies you need?  Or does it require complete and utter quiet and a blank canvas to work with, devoid of stimulation or color?  Maybe you just need to take a walk outside and it all comes to you.  No matter your process, it’s yours and as unique to you as the art you create.  No maker has the same creative process as another- and that’s what makes the makers in the world that much more amazing.

And that delights me.




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