Inspirational Littles and Love

There is something so very sweet and perfect about the way my middle little carries herself when no one’s looking, and shes just being her.  She’s this perfect combination of reserved and fiery honesty when shes in a room full of people- when I grow up I want to be more like her.  But, when shes just thumbing through her books with her earbuds in, and she forgets the rest of the world is around, maybe watching, she becomes this calm old soul and her whole being reflects it.  Naturally she has the fairest porcelain complexion, pale rosy cheeks and as she sits on her bed eating the Strawberries she so sneakily brought into her room, I see it.  She is the most perfect Valentine colorway, just as she is.  Her Carmel colored hair and heathered blue gray eyes with golden rings and one quirky chocolate colored fleck – its a breathtaking combination on its own, but add those pinks?  Stunning.  Watch out world, shes smart, sassy, confident and gorgeous- and only 8.

So just like that, I immediately turned from her doorway, went strait upstairs and wrote my new colorway inspiration down- because most of my inspiration comes from the beauty I am surrounded by.

So these, which we named: My Sweet Valentine, were inspired by my very sweet little.  Wish to see them?  Sure you do


Perfect, right?

When I called Lydia to give her my descriptions of each colorway I was thinking about, I didn’t plan for her to nail it on the head so perfectly- but she did.  Down to every last detail, and I am SO in love with them.

These sweet skeins were broken into mini skeins and are still available in the shop. Of course we each kept one, to knit into our Memory blankets, or turn into heels or toes of socks.  And I am so excited to knit with them, because, every time I look at them, I’ll think of my little.  It’s good for this Mama’s soul.

Of course we dyed more skeins up for our collection, and I’ll insert those pics here- some inspired by love stories, stolen kisses, and romantic gardens

And I love them just as much as the others.

Some people call themselves “Maker” because they sew with needle and thread, hand dye yarn, or make intricately stitched knitwear.  Some because they are “makers” of beautiful stories or music intended to rustle something in your deepest soul.  Others bear this name because they inspire others to see their life dreams, and make them a reality.  No matter the path that gets you there,  you find yourself inspired by something that allows you to be a “Maker” of something.  What is that inspiration for you, I’m curious.

Until next week,

Happy making, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Inspirational Littles and Love

  1. Not only do I love the yarn that you dye ,but I absolutely love the way you write . I love that your little ones are your inspiration and I love love how you describe them so perfectly . And you are my inspiration daily .

    Liked by 1 person

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